Featured HPT Performer: Lim Jing Hui

How do you feel when you have been shortlisted for HPT?Unbelievable and excited to embark on this new musical journey. I can utilize the skills I have learnt and continue improving.
What song did you present during your HPT audition and why did choose that song?
I did a total of 3 songs! 最近 for the 1st audition, 天黑黑 and我要快乐 for the 2nd audition. No particular reasons for choosing the songs, but those were the songs I’ve learnt in class.
Do you see improvements so far in yourself after joining HPT?
Definitely, in all aspects. Listening back to the recording of my very 1st performance in HPT, it sounded so awful then. Haha! Thanks to Amos for the valuable comments, which help us to improve our skills and Jane for her ongoing guidance, even though, I have completed the pop piano course. =D
If you have a choice to team up with an instructor for a performance, who will it be? And why?Vocalist or Guitarist? If it’s a vocalist, it would be Maggie because I love the way she presents a song, full of variations and she is my vocal instructor. If it’s a guitarist, it would be Amos (Music director) because his playing is really cool and inspiring.
What do you look forward to achieve with your team-mates within this year?
This year is ending soon, looking forward to have a wider range of song genres.
What do you think is the most important that a performer should have?
Attitude is the most important aspect. A performer with the finest skills without a proper attitude and mindset will be deficient.
Being humble and willing to learn, not being over complacent of what you have, because learning has no limits. Likewise, being receptive to feedbacks is also important for a performer to advance to the next higher level.
What makes you decide to join Hark Music?
The content of Hark’s website portrayed its professionalism and this created an attraction to people in believing its capability. Oh, I remembered, I enquired through email and their reply was very efficient and detailed.
What benefits you the most while attending the lessons with Hark Music?
It is the place where I acquired my playing and singing skills. Thanks to the great instructors, Jane and Maggie for their guidance, which have instilled a stronger music passion in me. Lessons with them make learning easier and fun always.
Describe a memorable experience in Hark Music.
It was during the cafe days when I would be there every weekend with my group of friends. The atmosphere was great and the live band session was really inspiring.
What do you like most about Hark Music?It is a place like home, a big family. The cozy environment, the friendly staffs/ instructors and what’s more, the free usage of rooms for practice.
Any comments/feedbacks about the school for our readers?
Hark Music is definitely a place for learning with its up-to-date syllabus, inspiring instructors and the opportunity to have on-stage learning through Saturday’s Open Stage performance.

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