Ohh, seems like many people have quite a number of concerns over the 加分题…

As mentioned in our tagboard, it’s something that adds value to a performer, be it a music-related item or not… Of course, one is – we hope to add more entertainment value to the show for the audiences, two is – we hope the performers have added talents to show all of us!

It’s definitely not a compulsory segment. For this segment, it’s best for you to show something you are confident in and preferably better than your prepared song piece, right? (Yeah…that’s what our judges have said too during QF1, but some of the contestants’ special item wasn’t impressive enough..but, of course we do not deduct points as it’s a bonus segment!)

Just to clarify too, to be fair to everyone, we contacted all the current week Quarter-Final contestants on the week’s Monday. Only those who remains uncontacted, may get the news on Tuesday instead. We try to work everything without any biased views, we hope everyone can understand..(of course, some leakages may happen due to the ‘broadcast’ between students and those who check this blog regularly…and this is something we can’t avoid…)

So, on the fairness issue again….
All the contestants who successfully progressed to Semi-Finals, are required to submit their song choice in 4 days, which is the Tuesday that immediately comes after their Quarter-Finals. This is to minimise unfairness to the successful contestants from the last Quarter-Finals where their Semi-Finals comes right after that week.

This notice is to be strictly adhere to. After song submission, strictly no change of songs is allowed as semi-finals will be conducted in a Live Band format. The band has already practised the songs!

Rehearsals with the band will be arranged during the 2nd week of August, tentatively on Mon & Wed evenings for Semi-Finals 1 & 2 respectively. So, all semi-finalists, better make sure you are available on that week.

I have all the pictures and some videos on that first Quarter-Finals, hopefully we can put it up and show you guys soon. Will try..will try…:)

See ya, guys…and have fun!

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