Exposures, exposures and more exposures!!!!

Hark Performing Team is staging another concert!!!!!

On 29 Feb 2008!


These few weeks, our Music Director has been having ‘private’ training sessions with all the performers…we hope they can bring out their best out of it! 加油!

In this unplugged concert, they will be performing songs like: 发现爱 – 林俊杰,金沙, 做你的男人 – 张信哲, 原点 – 孙燕资, 暖暖 – 梁静茹, 接受 – 梁静茹, 我怀念的 – 孙燕资, Life is Wonderful – Jason Mraz, This is Love – Jason & deMarco, 我爱的人 – 陈小春, 落叶归根 – 王力宏, 如果这都不算爱 – 张学友 and more!!!

Soon, coming in Mar/Apr 08, plans are in, to organise a mini-concert in a major shopping centre! Wow, wow….more exposures!

Those who were here on their first concert held on 11 Jan 08, we shall just have some photo re-caps…..

Videotaping their performance down…


Final rehearsing……!


2 pretty hosts of the night – Juliet & Xuewei

On camera….


View from the back rows!

Weiqi on Guitar, Aaron & Gabriel on Vocals

Weiqi – opening his ‘golden’ mouth!


Oooh…a duet, obviously! By Carissa & Aaron


Singing a group song together, Tat Sin, Xuewei, Jeslene

Audience from the back rows, enjoying the performances, waving hands, all smiles!!

Leonard, Daisy, Juliet

Juliet – singing and playing the keyboards

Juliet and Daisy, performing a duet together!

Leonard and Juliet

Oh! Feeling high again!

Wearing party hats, having a great time on stage!

Grand Finale…inviting all to be on stage!

“Thank you! Thank You!!”
A few random photos taken off that night…………..

Special Props….

Another 2 Hark Performers – Jinghui & Su Teck, in their weekly practices..

Su Kit!! He was sick that night. Couldn’t join the concert.
Here, with his sweet little rabbit…

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