Exclusive! The insider story: 陈泂江 Desmond Tan’s Love song to SG

Every year during August, Singaporeans tend to feel a lot more patriotism for our country! Most often, we feel this connection most, through the songs.

If you have been tuning in to Channel 8, Channel U, as well as radio stations, Y.E.S. 93.3FM, LOVE 97.2FM,  you might have chanced upon a new-released song titled ‘将爱延续 – Love song to SG’ which was sang by multi-talented Mediacorp artiste Desmond Tan, 陈泂江! 

But did you know that the song was a collaboration with Hark Music and it was composed by our music director & founder – Mr. Amos Teo?

Well, here’s the insider story of how the song actually came about!

How it all started:
Earlier this year, we got to know Desmond when he took up a mentorship in music from our directors, Mr. Amos Teo and Ms. Yoong Xin Yun. From the success of ‘Keep Running’, which was launched for last year’s National Day, Hark Music decided to produce 1 every year. So this year, we have chosen Desmond to present it!

On the other hand, Desmond wanted to challenge himself and bring his performing skills to another level! The song was also a platform for him to showcase his talent in music. As most people might know him for acting through TV dramas, did you know that he also has an immerse talent in music too? 

So instead of just singing the song, Amos encouraged him to write the lyrics since he was the one who came up with the theme “Love song to SG”.

The challenges faced:

First Challenge

The first challenge was to come up with a really catchy title! ‘将爱延续’ which means “Let the love continue” was created as we strongly believe that whatever we do, we do it because of our love for the country. At the same time, to subtly create a link of the song to Desmond, the word ‘将’ which has the same pronunciation as ‘江’ (Desmond’s Chinese name) was used.

Second Challenge
The lyrics. Writing lyrics for a love song might be easy for many, but writing one that’s dedicated to our country would require a wider and open perspective. For example, at the beginning of the song, it’s about the difficulties our leaders faced in the 60s. Followed by knowing they did everything, all because of the LOVE for Singapore. Then in the pre-chorus, it’s actually about the current scene where people from various walks, sharing their conflicting views.

Third Challenge

Time and budget. This entire production, including the music and video were are all done in less than a month. And it was done without any funding from the government or big sponsors! But we are thankful for the help from people who support this initiative and also playing their part for this year’s National Day.

In the absence of decorative elements in the song and video like the official ones, we hope our sincerity and effort can be felt by the audience. And we present to you a love song that is written for our dear country, Singapore, to celebrate her 50th birthday!


Watch the short music video of <将爱延续 – Love Song to SG> below:

Listen to the full song (with national anthem) 
<将爱延续 – Love Song to SG> here:

Produced by Amos Teo
张安文 & Xin Yun 熊欣韵
Sung by Desmond Tan 陈泂江 – Mediacorp Artiste
Lyrics by Desmond Tan
Music by Amos Teo
将爱延续 – Love song to SG
词: 陈泂江 曲: Amos Teo (Hark Music)
As the rest of the world says we have no future
Will our dreams die even before they begin?
Dilemmas might impair my vision of the future
但我对你的爱 始终不会变
But nothing will ever change my love for you
将爱延续 永远都不放弃
Let our love last forever with tenacity
多少艰难 无法阻挡我们前进
No amount of hardships will hamper our way forward
将爱延续 心连心不分离
Let our love last with our hearts as one
一起守护 我们的约定
Together we will guard our promises
只要用爱经营 未来是无限美景
With love, our future will be an endless beauty
要坚定 不管多少 流言蜚语
We will stand strong no matter what they say
要相信 无论多少 纷争来袭
We will keep faith no matter the disputes
We will keep you safe till the end

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