Debut SAFRA PK Challenge 2009

“We are proud to be part of this debut SAFRA PK Challenge 2009!

Coming Saturday will be the 1st audition date for all the singing enthusiasts to come and pit their skills and vie for the places in the 6-PK-rounds.

Many would ask “What is PK?”
It simply means ‘Player-Kill’ where one will blindly-pick another opponent and both will face off with their prepared song. Judges will give their scores independently of each other to determine the winner of that face-off.

  • Winner stays in the competition.
  • Loser goes to a loser zone, where a possibility of a elimination may surface.

This competition format is fresh and keeps all contestants on their toes, as they never know who they are going to compete with.

PLUS, there is this mystery element in this event – External Challengers!
…Yes, we are not going to reveal who they are, till the actual competition starts.

The actual competition will be starting on 10 Oct (every Saturday) 3-5pm at SAFRA@Mount Faber. Finals will be on 14 Nov at KBox Cineleisure.

..and did I mention that there are many fabulous prizes to be won?
Over $10,000 worth of prizes, including a return air ticket to Taipei, watches, sunglasses, hotel stay and a chance for a recording/performing contract from Hark Music!

You still have a chance to be part of this debut event!
Registration closes on 22 Sep.

Don’t hesitate, go to to know more.
You can also register directly over at Hark’s reception counter.

We hope to see you then!

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