Creative Performance Videos

All Right! I’ve finally loaded the Creative Performance videos up!

The entire performances were accompanied by Shawn on guitars, Jane on keyboard and Amos on drums! We’ve to bring our own guitar, keyboard, drums, amps, music stands, etc over…All the way from Prinsep to Jurong….Lots of stuffs!

It was an early day…. All of us met-up at 9.30am at Hark Music. Packed up all the equipments, chartered a Mercedes Van. Before all of us got on to the journey to Jurong…we were sweating like hell! (ok..maybe i exaggerated but it was really a hot, humid day!…the weather recently was really strange..u would definitely agree…)

We reached Creative at about 10.30am.




..Eh..but the soundman not where to be seen…

When he appeared, he was a little ‘not co-operative’, which puts us off a little.

Anyway, not going to dwell into this..luckily, just at 12pm, everything was fine.

Show starting…..

The crowd started to swarm in….

Vynson warmed them up a little, asked them if they’ve eaten..(ya, standard chinese culture greetings..) And, they all said ‘Yes’! ….At 12pm, they have all eaten?? We thought their lunchtime is 12-1pm?!?!?

Haha…they said..”SHHHHH…!!”

Haha…Oh well, they have to take care of their stomach first, so that they could enjoy our 1-hour show, right?

All RIGHT! Here we go!!!

The lunchtime concert started….

Amos, Vynson and Elyse started the show’s opening welcome!

Talking, talking, introducing, introducing….suddenly, both Amos and Vynson sabotaged Elyse to sing the first song!! Claiming that to get the ‘worst’ singer to test out the sound system would be the best, so that we could twigged the best settings for the sounds….

Erhm…ya…Er… in some sort of sense, it sounded rather convincing but…Elyse, the ‘worst’ singer?? Oh no…I’m gonna stand up for Elyse this time!!!

Hahaa…okok…I know, I know.. just for the 效果 lah!

So, here she goes…. singing 新不了情…

[Elyse singing 新不了情]

Next up, Fiona brought us a new song 靠近一点点 – LARA
Vynson played an ‘old’ joke. The moment Fiona opened her mouth to introduce herself, Vynson said her voice melted everyone…
Fiona, being the sweetest girl, next-door girl look, this is a commonly-used subject to tease since performing in Hark’s Performing Studio.

[Fiona singing 靠近一点点]

Kenneth performed his signature song – HERO. With his unique raspy voice and a very defined personality, with his ever short replies, naturally he managed to capture the crowd’s attention, quietly enjoying the ‘wonders’ of his vocal tones.. Just a simple ‘谢谢’, the crowd giggled into smiles….

[Kenneth singing HERO]

After an English number, we introduced another ‘jia gang tang’ (literally translated into ‘eat potato’ – meaning a chinese who can’t speak mandarin fluently) – Leonard! He sang a classic in the late 90s – 爱我别走.

[Leonard singing 爱我别走]

Coming into the climax of the show, Amos ’emerged’ from his drums position, to ‘shoot’ Vynson if he was feeling ‘itchy’ to sing…
Vynson, claiming as a getai performer, especially in this busy month (it’s lunar seventh month now!)…Amos challenged if he could bring us some 七月歌台 mood, right here in Creative Auditorium..And, what a great twist, when Amos impromptu-ly ‘commanded’ Vynson to sing in various artistes’ voices since Vynson kept saying he has been singing the song – 小薇 for 1020 times!!!!

This was one of the highlights of the show! The crowd loved him!

[Vynson singing 小薇, impersonating 7 different 1 special local celebrity!]

After Vynson’s special stunt, we invited one of the Creative Staff to sing us a song! A new song from A*mei – 如果你也听说. Great job, from Creative’s SuperSTAR! We couldn’t post her video up…. Privacy lah! Must respect mah! Ha Ha….

Ok, another pretty lady, up next to cool down the heat!
A very cool, stylish girl – Yingzhi brought us 亲爱的你怎么不在我身边

[Yingzhi singing 亲爱的你怎么不在我身边]

Next up, bringing us a very very popular song in these recent months! A very hyped song – 背叛!And, we added a rock feel to the second stanza of the song! We made it sound different!

[Leonard singing 背叛]

Following on, a real classic brought by Kenneth brought cheers from the crowd, just by mentioning the song’s title – 月亮代表我的心.

[Kenneth singing 月亮代表我的心]

To bring an end to the show, Vynson and Elyse brought us a duet! And, forever mischevious Vynson teased an audience in the crowd, by singing to him..Yes, it’s a him!! Haha…

[Vynson and Elyse singing 明天你要嫁给我]

We hope you enjoyed the clips…ya, sound quality wasn’t great, and some parts were really shaky..I know. 🙂 The entire show was taken down by just a mini-dv recorder. Just for entertainment purposes.

We are glad Creative truly enjoyed the show throughout…They requested us to be back for a Christmas Concert in year-end. 🙂


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