Hey guys, was real busy these days..

Well, ya know we had a show at Toa Payoh Stadium yesterday for our Artistes-In-Progress.. We have taken some photos and videos…will edit and upload for you guys soon..:)

So many events coming up, so busy!!!

This Friday is the start of the QUARTER-FINALS of our Singing Competition!
Ohya, I mentioned in my last post that there will be something interesting, rightz???
Here’s the info!!

All singers will be singing a song of their choice with minus-one music, (live band singing will be tested if they proceed successfully to the semi/s!).

Judges will be given a bell, to stop them once they feel that it’s enough (oops….did I wrote to make it sound bad?? ….:P) And, all singers can have an option to present a 加分题 (bonus performance).

Not sure what you can do? or what they can do?

Here are some suggestions, in no particular order:

1. Play an musical instrument to show your ‘additional’ music talent to impress!
2. Imitate a singer to show your versatility and entertainment value!
3. Do a dance! Great asset for a performing artiste!
4. Present a good speech, to show your stage confidence and eloquency.
5. Entertain with a good joke! Show your alluring, fun-loving stage persona to prove the judges, you are the one!
6. Present a magic! That shows your agility, and your wits!
7. Acting! Anything! Shows you have much more than your good voice!
8. Imitating an animal’s sound or animals’ sounds! You can create good sound effects!
9. Beat-boxing! Oh my, if you can do this well, definitely a PLUS PLUS!
10. RAP! ~Yo, yo, YO! Cool, dude!
11. Say a Tongue twister in chinese or english! You choose!
12. Oh ya, if you write songs, perform them! That’s something very impressive too!

There’s much much more things and ideas you can do, never any limitations.
As long as you feel your special item adds good value to you, do it!
This leaves an impression in both judges and the audience too!

We look forward to this Friday’s show!

It’s definitely interesting, so those who may wants to take a peek at how everything goes like, c’mon down to Hark this Friday!

Remember, we are also looking for our next 实在歌手 through this competition! Present your best! You may be the next REAL SINGER!

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