Benefits of Learning Singing!

Benefits of Learning Singing
“Singing is good for your health.
As good as Yoga!”

If you are looking to stay healthy (mental and physical), why not simply just do more singing!
Other plus points – This activity is fun, makes you happy and you don’t want to stop!

Here’s why:

  • Good singing uses deep breathing, which activates your diaphragm, promotes a healthy lymphatic system, which in turn promotes a healthy immune system!
  • Singing is a great way to work out –it’s an aerobic exercise that increases oxygen levels in the blood without leaving you hot and sweaty.
  • Singing makes you look good – it improves posture and tones tummy muscles.
  • It’s very hard to worry and sing simultaneously – hence it reduces stress levels and blood pressure.

Sounds good, huh? 🙂
Basically, we felt it just add more meaning to our life! So that we do not just work, we play!
That’s why we will be happier~ 😀 Lalalala….

For more health benefits, have a good read written by Dr. Ben Kim.
It is almost equivalent to Yoga – Hear it from a Yoga Master, Kurt Johnsen:

Hark Music (est. in 1999) – Our mission is to create solutions to make learning fun, enjoyable, enlightening and most importantly, Achievable!

Therefore, our goal is to support our vocal students to attain diaphragmatic breathing in just ONE lesson!
And 90% of them did it!

Til our next sharing….
Keep your music passion burning!


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