Auditioning bands this sat…

This Saturday afternoon, we will be auditioning some local live bands! WHY???

Our performing studio – a unique facility in Hark Music, is not only used to ‘deliver’ our own in-house music programmes.

One of the objectives that we want with the transformation of Hark in April 07, is to create a platform for our local aspiring music-makers. We want to invite good bands to share their music with many music-lovers, in a ‘respectable’ ground. (we understand that sometimes performing in pubs, outdoors, with little and rowdy crowd, can be a little demoralizing… 🙂 )

This will also be a good ground for our students to get exposed to Singapore’s bands, inspiring them further in their music learning journey!

Hopefully, some of the bands are good enough for us to showcase them in our October’s Live Shows!

For bands who wants to get auditioned, and have a chance to perform at Hark’s Performing Studio, call us at 6333 0733 or email us at

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