AMK HUB Performance – 6 Sep

We were invited to perform at AMK Hub on 6 Sept to celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival and its 1st Anniversary!

We did 2 shows, one at 1.30pm, another at 4.30pm…

1.30pm show had Huiling as the guitarist, Jane as the keyboardist and Eugene (one of our featured students) as the vocalist.

With a quick intro by 93.3FM DJ Jun Lin, the performers started their gig….

Then, after a few hours break, came our 4.30pm show.

The performers line-up:
Shawn – Guitarist, Patrick – Keyboardist, Amos – Show Master, Guitarist, Drums.
For the vocalist section, other than our instructor Teng Teng, we showcased another of our outstanding student, Bernice and our Hark Artiste, Leonard Tang.

To go in tune with its theme, this show delivered songs with ‘moony meaning’ in it. E.g. 一样的月光, the all-time favourites – 月亮代表我的心, 十五的月亮,弯弯的月亮,城里的月光….

The interesting part of it was that we did all the classics with a modern twist! We even had an African-Afro drums, Cajun to zest up the atmosphere.

Bernice sang – 写一首歌

Teng Teng, together with all performers delivered a superb performance.
Audiences around were spotted taking out their phones to capture them in videos & photos!

We thank AMK Hub for the wonderful experience!

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