A*Mei Themed Concert – 26 Nov 2010

On 26 Nov, it was time for our quarterly themed concert, put up by our student performers and instructors.

This theme – A*Mei, really got everyone, very excited!

…Our student performers from Hark Performing Team put up a great show…

…Many instructors took time out to practice and delivered a great show…

… and the audience!!! They were totally very participative and I saw everyone had smiles on their faces the entire whole night.

It was yet again another FULL-HOUSE that evening! Everyone was bustling with energy, waiting for the show to start.

It was also another great event for fellow-Hark students to catch up and mingle around!

The 2 hosts that evening.. Melvin (left) and Jack (right). It was their maiden collaboration, hosting together but all of us was impressed! The chemistry brought big smiles and hearty laughter to us!

In total, we did 16 songs that night!

Starting from Hark Performing Team’s performances…
开门见山 performed by Jack & Joel.

Jack’s 深情的演唱. A great opening number by him. Look~ He even added a piece of glove for the rocker feel!

Great showmanship… He’s getting better each time… 🙂


A very classic song 听海 performed by Liling, Jinghui, Su Teck.

Liling…introducing, Suteck – the guitarist.

… introducing Jinghui – the keyboardist.

An emotive capture of her singing.


Jack came back up on stage to bring us another popular karaoke hit 记得 , together with Suteck and Jinghui.

A capture from Jack’s backview while singing.


我无所谓, 灵魂的重量 performed by Yanni, An Li, Shawn, Bufeng.

Anli (on keyboard), Shawn (on guitar).

Yanni, singing, Bufeng – on guitar.

The audience that evening was very attentive! As per all music concerts, audience was also very busy taking photographs, videos…


我要快乐 & 分身 performed by Kiang Liang, Sherrie, Travis, Adrian

Jack & Kiang Liang on all smiles… As a group of girls among the audience are cheering for Sherrie (on keyboard). Jack was getting the girls to do a ‘加油口号’ for the vocalist, Kiang Liang… ‘bribing’ for a 豆花supper in return!

Gamingly, they played on!

Hahaa… That definitely brought more confidence to their performance!

Adrian (left), Travis (right) with Kiang Liang singing.

Sherrie, very concentrated in ‘her work’!


After a run of these few songs, we had a short interval break… Coming up, much more exciting – our instructors’ performances!

Starting, a competition-favourite song, 我恨我爱你 performed by Maggie & Liling

A very intense rendition, by Maggie.

Liling, back at her ‘specialty’ – playing the keyboard.

Cheekingly, the hosts asked the Maggie’s students to give comments on her performance! … all good comments of course! 😀


人质 performed by Shaun & Huiling

Shaun, with Huiling on background, bringing a very stripped-down acoustic version.
That evening, Shaun was all cheeky, imitating Jam Hsiao the entire night… and got everyone bursting into laughters… and got the hosts – jammed, when interviewing!

Huiling, with her cute baby Taylor.


真实 performed by Shaun & Huiling

Yes, both of them performed another but now their roles changed!
Huiling, singing and Shaun on the keyboard!

Huiling, bringing her own flavour to this powerful song.


A power-duet, 一眼瞬间 performed by Maggie & Shaun

Shaun, played the keyboard, while singing the duet with Maggie.

A very impressive performance ~ The crowd was in awe.

Another A-mei’s very classics song – 解脱 performed by Caleb & Rei.
Caleb and Rei did a twist to the song – they added jazz feel to this song. It brought a very refreshing feel to it!

Both Caleb and Rei, adding their own touch to the song, making it very original.


你是爱我的 performed by Maggie, Shawn, Liling, Rei, Raymond

Oh yeah, a very big group – a band! Shawn on guitar, Rei on bass, Liling on keyboard, Raymond on drums, Maggie on vocals!

A rare capture of Rei on the bass guitar!

This performance brought the whole atmosphere to another level!



And for the night, many among the crowd was waiting for the appearance of Ting Ting, our vocal instructor who was back from Taiwan’s 超级新光大道7 to bring us a few of her idol’s song and sharing her competition journey with us all.

Cheers, Cheers, Cheers!


Bad Boy performed by Ting Ting, Shawn

She sang this rendition on one of the competition rounds. Then, we were enjoying it – LIVE!

薇多利亚的秘密 performed by Ting Ting, Shawn, Amos

We added a special touch to the songs – Amos, playing on the djembe.

Jack & Melvin, interviewing Ting Ting – on her 3-month journey in Taiwan.

相爱后动物感伤 & 彩虹 performed by Ting Ting, Shawn, Amos, Jane

A very inspiring and enjoyable evening with everyone!
Looking forward to the next themed concert!


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