Alex VS Tengteng – PK 战



Great show last week at LUNAR!!!! Happening PK Challenges throughout the night…and this is the most exciting part!


It was 老歌新唱 theme… Alex sang 吻别 in ROCK, Tengteng sang 梦醒时分 in swing rock…. and their bonus round = 飙高音!!!
I say, 赞赞赞!!!

2 Great Singers…Enjoy this video below!


Alex VS Tengteng
Watch it, you will not regret!



Wow wow… 2 rounds of the Real Singer Challenge Contest were held on 9th & 16th March Sunday 8.30pm respectively. Hope you enjoyed the competition so far. ^^ 6 more Sundays to go!!! 🙂 For those who have missed the show…You guys missed it big time!!! 🙁

However, we will still let u have a feel of what had happened for the past 2 Sundays at Lunar Fusion Bar through this entry. Not enough through reading???? Be there in person to experience the LIVE factor!!! Support the singers encountering the External Challenger!!

Anyway, here’s the recap of the 1st week…

Round 1 – My Signature Song (我的代表歌曲)

For the first round of the competition, each Real Singer was required to perform 2 signature songs, which encompass their life journey. They have to practice and perfect not 1, but TWO songs within ONE week! The songs that they have chosen were mostly well-received numbers..



With MMO

Kenneth: 只是拥抱 (泰歌翻译) (yes he got this song translated by a friend)
Leonard: 周杰伦 – 安静
Tat Sin: 方大同 – 爱爱爱
Aaron: 王力宏 – 花田错
Mandy: 孙燕姿 – 眼泪成诗
Ying Zhi: 范玮琪 – 到不了
Ting Ting: 梁静茹 – 如果有一天
Cherry: 李玟 – 往日情

With Live Band

Kenneth: 陈小春 – 我爱的人
Leonard: 林俊杰 – 曹操
Tat Sin: 戴佩妮 – 试探
Aaron: 王力宏 – 落叶归根
Mandy: 蔡建雅 – Beautiful Love
Ying Zhi: 彭佳慧 – 死心眼
Ting Ting: 张惠妹 – 趁早
Cherry: 张惠妹 – 我恨我爱你

As shown above, 1 of the songs will be performed with a live band, whereas the other will be presented with audio music (minus one).

And alas! That’s where the disaster strikes. Due to some technical errors, the vocal of the original artiste could not be muted!! (Or could it be yet another challenge from the organiser? :p) When the ‘mishap’ happened, the Real Singers (namely Kenneth, Ting Ting and Cherry) have no choice but to present their songs in Acappella.

Ironically, their awesome vocal without any music accompaniment seem to wow the crowd even more! 因祸得福 (deriving gain from misfortune). ^^

Audience participation – a voting system where audience can choose up to 3 of their favourite Real Singers among all. The results of the audience voting made up 30% of the total scoring for the nite while panel of judges take up balance 70%.

Here’s the result.

Popularity by Audience

1st Ting Ting (won with big margin too!)
2nd Leonard
3rd Kenneth
4th Tat Sin
5th Ying Zhi
6th Aaron
7th Cherry
8th Mandy

As it was the 1st round of contest, most contestants are quite “ gan jiong” (nervous)except for few who really have the “Star Stage Presence” Anyhow, good job for the 1st try!! Kudos to all!!

The first show is just a ‘warm-up’ show…soft launch show… the real real competition starts on ROUND 2.. EXCITING!!!

….. 2nd show’s recap coming up soon…these few days.. stay tuned to this blog!!!

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