A inspiring, enlightening workshop to improve your playing skills (Piano/Guitar)!

A workshop for HPT… Now released, 30 slots to you as observers!

This Saturday (29 Aug), we will be organising a 3-Hr workshop to our HPT members, as part of their 3-month Skills Development Cycle!

Interesting topics gonna be touched on… to improve on pianists & guitarists’ playing and coordination skills as well as vocalists’ stage presence….

It’s going to be a very enlightening session, with real-life demonstrations on:

1. On-Stage Communication: Leaving a good impression with what you say
2. Song Presentation: Setting the style and mood of the song
3. Music Arrangement: Coordination between the guitarist and the keyboardist

Our Music Director, Amos Teo will be on the guitar and our Pop Piano Instructor, Jane Wu will be on the keyboard, to bring the addressed points across through inspiring music performances!

And, to benefit more people….. we will be releasing 30 slots to Hark Students to attend this workshop as observers!

Yes, only 30 slots and it’s FREE!

Date: 29 August (SAT)
Time: 3-6pm

Interested to attend?
Be fast!!! Email your Full Name and Contact Number to info@harkmusic.com with subject header : “I want to attend the workshop-29Aug!”

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