Oh yeah!!! Tomorrow is a public holiday!
We can all take some short break! Long awaited break!

I’ve just viewed our new website from our web developers….
There’s still some small little alterations to be done. I think everything should be ready and up at our servers by end of this week. That will be the beta version. Changes and improvements will still be needed.

For those who are still waiting for our new videos…. yes, we will be slowly churning out them..
I’m really sorry for the long wait…soo, many things are back-loading….my back is getting heavier and heavier everyday……oOhh~~~

I will be back later in the day to update you on the June Live Shows.
There will be some small little changes…..especially to the FRI.Open Mic as we will be conducting the little exciting event… I know many of you are eager to know, right? Ok..Promise…promise… 🙂

p/s: The response from our students are over-whelming for the Hark Student Singing Competition. Instead of the scheduled audition on FRI evening (1st Jun), we have opened another day on SAT afternoon (2nd Jun)! Over hundreds have registered to be part of the fun! And who knows, you may be spotted to be the next Hark Artiste! Exciting…exciting….

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