Preliminary Round ONE!!!

Oh yesh….. Today is the start of the Preliminary Round ONE!!!

The last audition was held on 2 days back..6 June (WED)..
Judges had a pretty hard time to choose the 72 students out of about 150 students…

We hope to give everyone a chance!!!!

So….in the end, we chose 77 students…
We hope all of you can treasure this learning experience through this journey and gain as much as you can…and learn from it! You can definitely do much better next time. 🙂

We will be conducting all those who have successfully progressed to the next round by phone these few days to confirm your contest dates.. So, you better keep you phone on, and LOUD these few days.. You wouldn’t want to miss our call!! Hahaaa….

Interesting…Interesting…. I will get some pictures today..and try to BLOG them by tomorrow to update you guys!

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