Remember when we had some group photos some time back, having 喜。怒。哀。乐。???

That episode was really hilarious…

Well, I did not mention to you guys that the ‘passer-by’ photographer evolved from a “earnest, sincere, helpful, concentrated look” to help us get a good photo, to a “Huh? Still got, ah?” look, to a “Oh my god..why am I caught into this?” look and finally to a “手插腰, Oi! Quick, quick LAH!” look at the final shot….

We were all laughing like mad for that whole 10 mins (or maybe more!) just outside the Jap rest. We were laughing at ourselves!!! ‘Cause it suddenly stroke our mind that we looked like tourists, taking those group tour photo 全体照…. and when that scenario came to our minds, all of us suddenly began talking with a China accent!!!

Oh well, that’s jus some little humour to destress ourselves that day…
It was memorable, anyway…All of us had a good, hearty laugh.

Oh, you might asked…..why did I drive to this topic???
Well….. cause, the 4 photos below caught my attention when I was sorting out the photos from our Hark Student Singing Competition (HSSC) and……..instead of the 4 standard emotions that we have tried, they goes like this……


*sUrPriSed* 惊


aCt CutE (*^_^*) …. 扮可爱!!!!!!

HahaAAAHH…. They are the contestants from our 5th Preliminary Rounds held on last Friday, 6 July…. I guess, they are trying to loosen up whilst waiting for their turns…

Some Random Photos here, taken on that night…

Fanny (one contestant from Prelim Round 2) helping Irene….to style her hair, ba…

Done!!! Nice gals, stylish!! *wink! wink!*


Jiahao, Wilson, Amy, Toon Jong at backstage.

Wilson, on stage now. Earnestly, listening to our Judges’ comments.


Jiahao, singing his song – 残废

That’s all at the moment now, folks….
Next Friday is the last Prelim Round, after that: It’s QUARTER-FINALS!!!!!

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