It has been an exciting few weeks for us.

We are so busy. We could not update all in time!

Choices Magazine

Last few weeks, we were interviewed by Choices Magazine! Hark Music is going to be featured in the Choices Magazine, NOV/DEC issue!

Plus, we will be giving away 5 Vocal Recording Sessions, worth more than SGD$600 for readers of Choices! So, check out the magazine when it hits the stores in a few weeks’ time!…


Concerts, Shows, Performances!

For the past weeks, we have been liaising with the bands and yeah, we are going to stage shows for our local talents!

Coming Dec 07, we will be featuring some of Singapore’s talented local Chinese bands!

We will be releasing the publicity news in Nov 07. Be patient…very soon, we’ll introduce these bands to you!
And possibly, various media will be reporting this showcase, and we’re going to be HOT again!


  • We’ve got so many things going on now… Will update you guys slowly…bit by bit…
    Haha… We can’t overwhelm you anyway. (!)

Stay Happy, everyone!

p/s: Hey, after the FaceBook entry, we suddenly had a big surge in friends’ requests! Less than 2 weeks of joining the FaceBook, we have got almost 80 friends! Erhm…Well, ok ok…not a lot…I know…ha ha…I think a lot of people are still not in FaceBook yet! For those who don’t have an account..join in the fun now! I think it’s more interactive than Friendster…. anyway.

Oh ya, wanted to thank ‘Lee KaiLing’ again in helping us to create the “Hark Music” Group!

Thanks, KaiLing! 😉

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