Ok, ok. I know our blog entries are getting a little slow these days.

We take it as a good sign because we are all so caught up with all the things to do once we are back from the Chinese New Year Holidays!

So now, let me just to share with you the ‘little’ things that we are busy with… 😉

Before Chinese New Year, we are having auditions, auditions, auditions!!! So many auditions and interviews… for our Pop Music Instructor Course and also for an event which I can’t reveal much now… 😛

All I can say is, it’s going to be a huge one!! Kind of like a singing competition & showcase of our Hark Singers. We are in midst of doing all the planning and organizing. Publicity will be on the way too. The event will be starting in mid-March! I should be able to reveal more next week! This is going to be a great exposure for all Hark Singers, because media will be reporting…Yeap!

Ok, shall tell you more when the time comes! March and April 08 will be exciting!

And, oh yes, our Instructor Course will be starting end-Feb, which is next week!
Really, it is an opportunity that you can’t find elsewhere! We are so eager to have the first lesson with the first batch of our Instructors-In-Progress. They all possess great attitude, and great passion!

In January, we were actually planning to organise a mini-concert for our Hark Performers in one of the big shopping centres in March/April 08… Since now, we are caught up in a competition/showcase project, we may be arranging the concert to be in around May 08. Let’s see how this will work out.

Nevertheless, the Hark Performers’ concert 《当我们同在一起》on 29 Feb is nearing! It’s next Friday!

Those who want to catch them, get your tickets with us now. It’s FREE!

From my last check, I think we have given out about two-third of the tickets. HURRY UP if you want to enjoy this free performance, brought to you by our enthusiastic performers!

Call us at 6333 0733 or email us at info@harkmusic.com.

FYI, they are performing…
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