Hi friends!

It has been sometime since our last blog. I did not even realize that it has been weeks! Times flies when we have so much at work now! 😛

In the past 2 months, we are actively keeping ourselves busy by collaborating with various merchants to add more benefits for our students!!!

Now, Hark Students can patronize PARTY WORLD KTV and enjoy 10% off total bills!
You can catch a movie at The Cathay and enjoy popcorn at a special rate!
You can get a free soft drink when they purchase a main meal at the HotDog Factory!
Feeling musical? Enjoy 10% off for selected Singapore Repertory Theatre Productions too!

Plus, in June 08, we have just added the credit facility to provide more convenience for our students.

Since the launch of the credit facility, many students have taken advantage of our special course fee rebates when they opt for our interest-free installment plan or a 6-month full payment. They could save up to $96!!!
And, they save both money and time! Another great service to our students. 😛

Yes, our commitment to our students has always been to provide the best for them.
In July, we will have more to come!

For teaching-wise, needless to say.
We dedicate utmost time to constantly do research, have constant discussions with our instructors to improve and to revise our syllabus, catering to the needs of our students.
It is our syllabus – Hark Exclusive Syllabus which makes us different. This has been acclaimed by our students for so many years! (Which is why we can have a school strength of over 450 students in such a humble setting…)

For 9 years, we have met many students, from all over Singapore.

Some came with some self-taught background…
some came with classical background…
some came with experience from other schools (even those renowned schools or teachers)….

But it was our structured, concept-based teaching approach which helped them to piece the whole picture together (be it learning guitar, vocal or piano) just like piecing a jigsaw puzzle.

Together with our dedicated team of instructors (who went through our instructor course with the strict selection process based on their skills & personal character), who helped them to achieve their breakthrough in their capabilities.

Ah-ha, and this is where they can start to do all the creative work, improvisations after understanding how all the various elements interact with each other.

Isn’t that interesting?
This is the modernized way of teaching as opposed to the traditional way to learning, where everything is learnt by instructions.

All right, I should stop here else I will just keep on blabbering on and on and on! ;P

Take care, friends. Till my next post, I will update you on our happenings again!

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