Updates from last Saturday’s OpenStage (15 Nov)…
A weekly music activity organised for Hark Students & Alumni. Every Saturday @ 3pm.

It was a full house!

From 3pm, we had Vocal students performing. We made it like an interactive session where we had comments from the audience after each item. Constructive feedbacks were shared among all to let performers know their areas for improvement. And yes, some students really sang well! Good job, students!

[Interactive sharing session]

[Students mingling]


Straight right after the class performance, our guitar instructor, Jenix Ee gave a 自弹自唱 60 mins… Audience was memerised by her soothing vocals and of course, the ability to sing and play. But….not only that, we also managed to arrange some impromptu ‘Unplugged Karaoke’! Some students were called up on stage to sing without any ‘rehearsals’.
Wow…That was fun~!

[Our guitar instructor, Jenix gave a 1-hr performance of her favourite repertoire.]

[An impromptu performance! By our vocal student, Bernice.]

Last one hour, our performing team came into action.

They came down from a performance at Jurong National Library in the early afternoon…Photos are still ‘processing’, I will try to upload soon! 😛

So, in all, it was an interesting session.

Looking forward to this Saturday again. 🙂

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